For more than 20 years, I have been assisting artists and institutions of the performing arts and heritage in their international growth. As a specialist in cultural cooperations and European fundings, I have experience in Europe, the mediterranean basin and the Caucasus.
Sometimes further away.

Hugging, IETM Lyon, 23 October 2021


For the Centre Culturel de Rencontre d'Ambronay, I am in charge of the coordination of EEEmerging+, a European cooperation to promote the emergence of young talents in early music, and I participate in the development of its European strategy.

Early October, I organised the EEE+ Assembly in Ambronay in partnership with the REMA - European Early Music Network. And a few weeks later, in Lyon, the plenary meeting of IETM - the international performing arts network (photo).

I also work as a consultant for cultural projects, currently for the MPTA company in collaboration with Fanny Bouquerel and Ina Studenroth.


Since 2018 I have been offering my international experience of European projects and funding to cooperation projects in the performing arts, early music, heritage and cultural policies.

From 2001 to 2018, I was Managing Director of the theatre company Image Aiguë. Founded in Lyon in 1983 by Christiane Véricel, the company brought together on stage children, teenagers and adults, living in France and abroad, natives and immigrants, amateurs and professionals, speaking on stage in their own language.
With the company I had the opportunity to develop several projects that benefited from European funding (notably Creative Europe, Euroglobe, Culture, Culture 2000).

Previously, I worked for the City of Bitche and the City of Phalsbourg, where I created the interregional festival of young public performances Mon mouton est un lion and coordinated residencies for young visual artists (with support from the LEADER + and Interreg V programmes).

I also participated in the creation of the CRAIE theatre group, accompanied the creation of a house for the Berlin independent scene during the Avignon festival Das Haus, and led a photo club...

Animation d'un atelier à la réunion IETM de Munich, 2018
  • networks & collectives
    • A Soul for Europe: civil society initiative to support the future of Europe and democracy through culture
    • IETM: international networks for contemporary performing arts
    • LAPAS: association of professional performing arts managers

  • teaching
    • Master Projects in International and European Cultural Engineering, Institut Denis Diderot, Université Dijon Bourgogne
    • Master Direction de Projets Artistiques et Culturels Internationaux, Université Lyon 2
    • Master Artistic Direction of European Cultural Projects, Université Montpellier 3
    • Master Theatre Studies, Europe in Cultural Policies, Université de Franche-Comté

  • training course
    • Thematic training course: Succeeding in your managerial role, leading and supporting the change process (ARTES – 2019)
    • National cycle: Inventing the cultural territories of tomorrow (Observatoire des politiques culturelles – 2018)
    • Master's degree Design and implementation of cultural projects (Université Lyon 2/ARSEC – 1999)

  • volunteering
    For several years, I have been involved in running the Tango de Soie association, an essential experience that combines the strength and intensity of amateur cultural practices with the excellence of artistic research into a living and popular heritage.


For occasional or long term missions, I work on all stages of the projects : strategy1, fundings2, design3, implementation4.

  • Centre Culturel de Rencontre et Festival d’Ambronay°1234
  • Compagnie les mains les pieds et la tête aussi (Lyon) - Mathurin Bolze°*1
  • Ville de Clermont-Ferrand – Clermont 2028134
  • Théâtre du Pélican (Clermont-Ferrand)4
  • Institut des Croisements & Ecole Urbaine de Lyon*3
  • CirkoBalkana & Teatroskop (Belgrade)*2
  • Réseau des Résidences Royales Européennes (Versailles)4
  • Fundació Centre Internacional de Música Antiga – Jordi Savall (Barcelone)*2
  • Les Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon1
  • Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (Bagneux)2
  • Trans Europe Halles (Lünd)1
  • The Development Platform for the Performing Arts (Copenhague)1
  • Teatru Malta (Valletta)4
  • 1 strategy
    • assistance in defining cooperation strategies
    • development of cross-sectoral and international partner networks
    • project and context analyses

  • 2 fundings
    • identifying European funding
    • watch for calls for projects
    • structuring of grant applications
    • assistance in writing and preparing applications

  • 3 design
    • methodological support for project development
    • mobilisation and coordination of collective dynamics
    • matching with European issues

  • 4 realisation
    • development of specific implementation, monitoring and evaluation tools
    • support for the animation of cooperation between partner teams
    • assistance with the preparation and drafting of financial and qualitative reports

  • with...
Réunion européenne au Rize, Villeurbanne, 2017