I work with artists and cultural institutions to develop international cooperation, raise European funding and manage their projects

An office with a view, Istanbul 2007

My work as an independent consultant is based on over 25 years' experience of managing international cultural projects, mainly in the fields of live performance, early music and cultural heritage.

It is enriched by participating in various professional networks and by having a broad knowledge of European cultural, social and political issues.

For short or long term assignments, depending on the complexity of the requirements, I work either alone or with the other consultants with whom I regularly collaborate.

If you have an idea or need for your project, do not hesitate to contact me.


Recent clients: Centre Culturel de Rencontre et Festival d’Ambronay, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, European Festivals Association, Bourges 2028 - Capitale européenne de la culture, IETM Lyon plenary meeting 2021, Réseau des Résidences Royales Européennes (Versailles), Clermont-Ferrand 2028 - ville candidate au titre de capitale européee de la culture, Fundació Centre Internacional de Música Antiga – Jordi Savall (Barcelona)

International networks that shape my practice: A Soul for Europe, IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts, EFA - European Festivals Association, LAPAS - association des professionnels de l'administration du spectacle vivant

I work regularly with these wonderful colleagues : Fanny Bouquerel, Helena De Winter, Ina Studenroth and Sergio Chianca.

Current projects:

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